You Must Engage with Your Audience | EP 07 | Prime Branding

You Must Engage with Your Audience | EP 07 | Prime Branding

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What’s going on guys. It’s Mark from Prime Branding back for video number seven, lucky number seven. Today, we’re gonna talk about engaging with an audience. Engaging with an audience, that’s talking to your commenters, that’s responding on your different social media accounts. Maybe you posted it on Twitter, shared it in a Facebook group, Reddit wherever you’re sticking your content you should be engaging with the people that take the time to leave a comment.

In the very beginning, it’s important to respond to all of them and all of them quickly. Don’t wait three weeks a month to tell somebody, hey thanks for watching. Those are the simple ones, right? The people that are saying nice things, hey you’re doing great, keep it up. Wow that’s amazing thanks. It’s real easy way. Thanks so much. Thanks for watching. And that’s the minimum you should be doing, telling anybody that takes the time to comment on your video, no matter where it’s at. If you took the time to post it somewhere and someone watched it and they took any time out of their day to watch and comment you should be responding.

Later on when you get to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Okay now you can start skipping and picking and choosing. Does it mean you’re kind of a dick? Yeah, I think so you should be trying to respond to as many people always because they’re the reason you got to where you are, but it gets harder. I get it right? It’s hard to respond to 300 comments every day when you’re posting videos. ‘Cause then that’s all you do. And at that point, we’ll get to, hiring somebody just to respond, thanks.

You should be engaging with your audience no matter what, but what do you do when it’s a critical comment? And somebody says something mean especially when it’s just blatantly mean, right? Comes out of nowhere. Wow you’re stupid. You’re ugly. You got a dumb voice. You don’t know what you’re talking about. What makes you, what gives you the right to post videos about this? Wow who made you the expert? Those are the ones that sting, right? Those are the ones, especially starting off can knock you down a peg can hit you in the fells and make you wanna go, oh maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.

Maybe they’re right. Those are the ones in the beginning, bare minimum, just type “Thanks”. ‘Cause the algorithm is going to help bump that video, right? If they put it on their YouTube and they write this big nasty mean thing that’s not even relevant to your video. If you just write, “Thanks for watching, I’m glad you enjoyed your time while you were here”. It’s kind of funny. It’s not rude, but now YouTube sees there’s a conversation be the same thing on Facebook, right? Somebody leaves that nasty comment. You leave it there. We all know somebody leaves a comment. Your video gets bumped to the top or your post gets bumped up because there’s interaction. And they’re gonna look like idiots, right? Even if they come back afterwards, like, oh good comeback stupid, oh way to go dumb ass. You’re like, wow I really appreciate the amount of time that you’re spending on my little post, on my video. Thank you so much. Eventually they’ll quit, and they’ll go away.

Then the people that are just watching, ’cause you get people that just watch for the comments, you’ll get the people that they’ll even post positive comments that’ll come back to see there was interaction, what’s going on? And they’re like, wow well he handled that well. That guy was a douche bag that said those mean things and glad he’s gone. Eventually your audience will even stand up for you. But in the beginning it’s so hard not to want to defend yourself to argue with the haters, the mean trolls. You don’t get into those pissing matches, you’re gonna lose, and you look like an idiot and it doesn’t do your community any good.

In the beginning, respond to everybody, respond nicely to everybody. Definitely 100% respond to the positive people. Negative people. I’d respond to those too just to keep that algorithm going. Once you’re bigger then you ignore the negative people. I don’t ban them. I don’t block them unless they say something super vulgar. They start dropping profanities and attacking other people in the community that are watching. All right that guy’s just a, or girl I should say, that person is just toxic and they need to go. But the normal trolls, the everyday trolls the everyday haters, they can just be ignored though. They’ll go away because they won’t waste their time when they don’t get the acknowledgement. But you don’t ignore them until you know that you have enough positive comments to keep that algorithm going back and forth keeping those conversations going. And like I said it’s real important to do it where you post the stuff. So don’t just only respond to comments on your YouTube or only comments on your Facebook or Instagram or wherever you’re posting. But if you took the time to post it in YouTube creators group on whatever platform respond there too, but also don’t just spam your content in those groups, right?

You want people to engage with you. So when you see somebody else in those groups post something, be sure to engage with them give them reassurance, give them some positive feedback an encouragement to keep them going as well. ‘Cause a lot of times, so many of us are just starting off and we’re not quite sure what to do yet. And those little tidbits of positivity go a long way. So stay engaged with everybody and enjoy what you’re doing. And after that it really doesn’t matter what anybody says anyway, does it? just keep it up, like, subscribe, comment to this video. I will definitely respond. Thanks for watching. See you next time.