What to Make & Where You Should Post | Ep 04 | Prime Branding

What to Make & Where You Should Post | Ep 04 | Prime Branding

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What’s going on guys? It’s Mark from Prime Branding for episode four. I got the numbers right this time. You know, my little secret? If you don’t go back and check episode two, and then I mentioned it in three briefly, but two’s the one where you need to find out.

Today I want to talk just a little bit about content. What kind of content should I make? Where should I put my stuff, because I need the attention? My business needs the attention. My personal brand needs the attention. I need to get the word out about what I do, who I am. We all got a story, whether it’s for your business, whether it’s for your personal, we have more opportunities in this day and age than any age before us.

My grandparents couldn’t have done this. They didn’t have the tools or the opportunity. My parents couldn’t have really done this. They didn’t have the tools or the opportunity. We are living in an age of nothing but opportunity. Whether I’m here just to promote myself and grow who I am because I’m ultra cool and good looking, and I want to be a blogger, Instagram sensation, or if I want to market my business, cause I’m a real, a real, man words are going to evade me. I can not wait till we get to an editing part in this series. So I can cut out all these little blurbs that don’t make any sense, ’cause I bumbled a little off the tongue.

Whether you’re a realtor, a banker, a store, a marketing person like myself, there is so much opportunity, but where do you start? Where do you go? What kind of content should you do? I don’t care. Do whatever you’re comfortable with. I can’t write. I always write like a third grader, see spot, see spot run and all that. That’s about the extent of how I wanna write. Anytime I have an opportunity to write a proposal, write this, write a description. I’m like, crap. I need to go to my writer friend, and my writer employee, and my writer coworkers, and have them help me out because I can verbalize it usually better, and get my thoughts out through my mouth faster than I can put them on paper.

Maybe you’re, the writer though, maybe that’s your niche. Maybe you’re comfortable with that. Maybe you’re a photo guy or girl. Sorry. Don’t wanna touch on anybody’s. Yeah, that’s stereotyping, but maybe you’re a photographer. Maybe the still image is your medium of choice. Maybe you’re an audio person. Hey, I love sitting in my car, and listening to podcasts, and I think I have a great voice for radio. Cause I have a face for radio. So you have to go together, or in general you can do video.

I like video. Video was my favorite. And I’m gonna tell you why, because video can feed all of those other ones, right? So for example, I’m gonna take the content that I’m creating this channel and I’ll go into depth about it later on, but I’m creating these videos. And I’m going to take these videos. I’m going to put them on YouTube. I’m going to put them on Facebook. And if I get a cool snippet that I really like, I’m going to put a little bit of it on Instagram. So I’m covering three platforms. Three? I might actually do four. I might do LinkedIn too. I haven’t decided yet. LinkedIn, I’m still on the fence. But it’s getting there. So why not though? I already created the content, right? I filmed this. I’m making this now. It’s gonna done when I hit that stop button for the most part. I might as well share it everywhere.

I’m gonna talk about that in a future video too. But the best part about video, in my case in my issue, I’m not hawking a product right now. I’m not buying, saying, go buy this pillow. Go to Amazon and all them places, Buy a pillow. I am giving advice. I’m doing more talking, and you’re staring at me from here to here, or you’re not because it doesn’t matter. But it’s very easy to take this content, and create it into an audio only format.

Maybe you’re listening to this on the podcast, and you’re like, Mark, you keep talking about video, but I’m on the audio thing. So sorry guys, if you’re an audio listener, thanks. Thanks for subscribing. Hope you’re listening to it in your car. ’cause that’s my favorite place to listen to podcasts, ’cause when I’m home, I’m focused on something else. But I’m also gonna take it and have it transcribed.

There’s a couple of companies out there. rev.com R-E-V dot com, would be in the description. I believe they do like a buck or two, or like three bucks a minute, something like that. I’ll double-check. You can double check. I don’t want to lock them into prices they don’t have. I’m not affiliated. I’m not sponsored, unless I can get an affiliate link, and I’ll put that down there. But go check them out either way, whether you use my link or not, but I can have this transcribed. And now it becomes a blog post as well with a still frame from some part of the video.

So by filming a video first, it gives me an audio podcast format. It gives me a blog format and it gives me the video itself. So I get three different mediums, across as many as four or more platforms that I want to share it in. So why wouldn’t I do it that way? I know friends that are are podcasters. That’s what they love. They like having that radio mic right in front of them, and sitting in the sound studio where there’s no weird echoes, like you get in my living room. And that’s cool.

I’m like, dude, just set up your phone in the corner or set up a DSLR, or whatever you have available, and record it while you’re creating it. And just even take snippets, because then YouTube might feed your podcast audience, or Facebook might feed your podcast audience, or wherever you’re willing to share that video clip. But you don’t have to do the entirety, ’cause maybe, maybe you’re still not comfortable on camera enough that you want somebody to watch you for two hours or an hour, or however long your podcast is. But if you are already creating the content, if you’re willing to make something, no matter what it is, you might as well use it for as much as you possibly can.

Just spend the time once. Don’t do it once and done. I only put this on YouTube and that’s all I care about. Well then you’re cutting yourself short, because the YouTube demographic, and the Facebook demographic, and the Instagram demographic, and the Pinterest demographic, and the LinkedIn demographic, they’re all slightly different. There’s some overlap, but you know, it’s, it’s not the same audiences. So just because you might be watching this on YouTube, somebody else is watching it on Facebook, or watching just the snippets that I picked from Instagram, or not watching it all. And that would make me really sad. So I hope this is something, I hope it gets you off your ass, and go do something.

I will probably periodically swear during these, because the more involved and more excited I get, the looser my lips get, and things come out that I’m sorry, you may want PG or PG-13 ears. And I might hit a hard R every now and then. I don’t know. I’d have to check how those ratings work. But either way, subscribe to the channel, give it a like, leave me a comment. If there’s something you want to hear me talk about, or you have questions about anything. And thank you, appreciate you. See you next time.