Prime Branding offers a wide range of services. From help with your social media ventures to an entire overhaul of your businesses marketing material. Below is a general list of available services, if you require a service not listed do not hesitate to contact us.

Consulting / Education

Our purpose is to help you and your business thrive, and sometimes the best way to do that is to teach you how to do it for yourself. Whether it’s teaching you how to use Facebook more effectively, starting a YouTube channel, AB testing, direct mail pieces, or something else.

We offer strategies that will improve sales, and brand recognition. Both online, and in real life. Are you ready to build a following and make more income? Then let us show you how to be more successful and stay in control of your own marketing.

Consultations and training are available as one time, weekly, monthly, and quarterly time frames. Give us a call.

• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• YouTube

• WordPress
• Shopify
• Square
• PayPal

• Direct Mail
• Photography
• Video

Publishing / Fundraising

We are exited to announce our expansion into the world of independent publishing and distribution.

Our goal is to assist writers and artists, turn their vision into a tangible product. We can help at any point in your journey, whether your in the planning stage, production, or even fundraising.

Let us make sure your project become a success.

• Comics
• Graphic Novels
• Art Books
• Sketch Books

• Novels
• Short Stories
• Anthologies

• Kickstarter
• Indiegogo
• GoFundMe

Print / Design

We offer a full range of print services to fit your promotional needs. From complete corporate identity to individual specialty products, our creative team will enhance the look of your product/company.

The steps in developing a new printed piece include determining the needs of the client, the message the design should portray, and its appeal to the target audience.

Our designers plan, analyze, and create visual solutions using a variety of methods such as color, type, illustration, photography, and various layout techniques to express your message effectively.

• Corporate Identity
• Product Identity
• Business Cards
• Postcards
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Posters
• Flyers
• Advertisements

• Folders
• Step Sheets
• Banners
• Labels
• Packaging
• Menus
• Letterhead
• Envelopes
• Promotional Items

• Invoices
• Quote / Estimate Forms
• Carbonless Forms
• Order Forms
• Packaging Slips
• Statements
• Note Pads
• Prescription Pads
• and more…

Web / Social Media

With the vast amount of computer users, serious businesses can not afford to miss the opportunity to have a strong presence online. A website conveys a symbol of professionalism.

Your website should be more than a billboard on the information superhighway, it is a tool, a tool that used correctly can increase customer interaction, simplify paper flow, and it also offers businesses a cost effective way to develop a relationship with customers that until recently was impossible or extremely expensive.

Our web designs are based on a winning combination of performance, user friendliness, and instant recognition.

• Website Design
• Custom Graphics
• Animations

• WordPress
• Banner Ads

• YouTube
• Facebook
• Linkedin

Photography / Video / Audio

Today everyone has a digital camera, so why hire a professional photographer? The answer is reliability, consistency, and quality. You hire a professional because you know exactly what you are going to receive.

The average camera user may be able to photograph the gathering of friends and family for personal needs, but are you reallying going to rely on Aunt Susie when I comes to your business.

As commercial photographers we have the knowledge and experience to produce the kind of photographs that contain the color and detail you’d expect from professionals. Every photograph we supply is designed to be eye catching and informative as to meet your needs for print and web use.

• Products
• Portraits
• Interiors
• Exteriors

• Headshots
• Restoration
• Manipulation
• Clean Up

• Commercials
• Podcasts
• Instructional
• Behind the Scenes