How to Film More Videos & Manage Your Time | Ep 02 | Prime Branding

How to Film More Videos & Manage Your Time | Ep 02 | Prime Branding

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What’s up guys, it’s Mark from Prime Branding and we’re at Episode Two. Today, we’re gonna talk about time management and workflow a little bit, but mostly time management and how to get the most bang for your buck in terms of creating content when the opportunity arises.

So I spoke last video, which should have released I think, roughly about a week ago. I haven’t quite figured out what the release schedule on these is gonna be but I’m pretty sure it’s been about a week now since Episode One. And I wanna touch on something is, like I said, I don’t have time, Mark. That was a big part of Episode One, one of the excuses that keeps people from getting started. So maybe you did start, but you’re gonna find out that I can’t do a daily release yet. I can’t do, you know, three times a week. I just want to start with once a week. But even finding that time to film once a week can be tedious. It can have a little bit of a backlash depending on what your schedule is and how easy it is for you to find the time.

One of the tricks is, shh, keep this to yourself, when I filmed Episode One, I filmed this Episode Two at the same time. ‘Cause I knew I had a window of time where I didn’t have to work on a client’s thing, the family wasn’t around, it’s relatively quiet, I got some nice lighting coming in from outside. So I took advantage of this, and I went, hey, but I look a little different. You’re right. I changed shirts, I changed the camera angles slightly just to break up the flow so it didn’t necessarily look like they were filmed at the same time.

One of the things I do with a lot of clients is if you have a uniform, wear your uniform, and you’re in the uniform in every video so nobody has any way to tell how much time has changed between video filming. Maybe you did film every video once a day or maybe you filmed six in a day and released them once a week for the next month and a half. And that’s what I’m doing here. Here’s the shirt I wore in Episode One, literally took it off, threw it to the side, grabbed this super ultra-comfortable Adidas hoodie and started Episode Two.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to be limited to one video release for one release. One film, one release, one film, one release. No, film, film, film, as many as you might have content or information or topics that you wanna talk about and then release them at whatever schedule you want.

Now I’ve got two episodes down, they’ve been released, you’re watching them now. How many more do you think I’ll film today and release over the next month, two months, two weeks. I haven’t decided yet, guys, but you wanna see more content, make sure you hit that subscribe button hit that like button. Be sure to share it with anybody that’s thinking about starting a YouTube channel video production or any kind of marketing in general. We’re gonna talk about so many topics on this channel and we’re just getting started. Thanks, guys. Have a good one.