How Long Should Your Videos Be? Best Video Length | Ep 03 | Prime Branding

How Long Should Your Videos Be? Best Video Length | Ep 03 | Prime Branding

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What’s up guys, it’s Mark from Prime Branding once again, it’s episode three, three, and still filmed on, well, I’m not telling you the secret, watch. If you watched episode two, you know what the secret is? You know something, I helped tell you a little bit about time management and go check that one out. And those of that you do know, you know. But, today I wanna talk about video length, right.

There’s a lot of speculation. There’s a lot of algorithm talk all the time, Oh, how long should my videos be? Do I need them to be 30 seconds so they can go viral? Do I need them to be 10 minutes, so they get that extra YouTube ad boost, that extra placement in there? How long should the video be? Tell me, tell me, I need to know how long to make this, and it’s driving me nuts.

I know people, they do hour-long videos that are, just the analytics are ridiculous. They get so much ad revenue and the retention rate is great. And they’ve got a billion little kids that watch it constantly. But then again, this guy over here’s viral video that’s 45 seconds has 10 billion views ’cause everybody’s shared and it’s exciting. So what do we learn from that?

Context. However long the subject matter, the main meat, the important parts of a video, however long it takes, that’s how long you make the video.

You can worry about well, Facebook likes three minutes or three and a half minutes because then they’ll put ads on it and I might make an ad revenue. Well, starting off, you’re gonna make $1 if you’re lucky, 1,000 views is maybe a buck, maybe two depending on what kind of content you have and who’s running ads that week if the adpocalypse was coming.

So it’s the wrong way to think about it. And am I supposed to drag a video out that I can explain to you in two minutes in to 15 minutes just so I can get an extra ad role in there or an extra boost. Can I actually entertain you and inform you long enough for that to happen will you actually stay there that long? Or are you gonna get tired of the content anyway?

Statistics will show us that like a five minute video you lose half your audience after five minutes. So, but Facebook and YouTube likes, Facebook likes three and a half minutes roughly YouTube wants 10 minutes or longer.

What’s gonna get the algorithm? And I don’t want you thinking about that, especially right now. You’re just starting. I’m just starting again. I need to do, you need to do is the context, the educational brings some value to your viewers. If that means a 30 second video or a two hour video, as long as the context is what is important, the context. Why am I having trouble with that word today? I don’t know. Context, context, context, context, not content. They say content is king. Produce a lot of content. Yes, but if the context, I’m gonna get it yeah. If the context is crap, nobody’s gonna watch anyway. So have good context.

Hopefully you learned a little something here about stop worrying about how long the video is ’cause you’re only gonna make that extra buck and is that worth it and then you’re gonna your audience off and they may not come back anyway. He just rambles for hours for no reason, it’s annoying. Get the message, it takes as long as it takes to honestly do it and worry about time and algorithms and that kind of crap later, ’cause we’re just starting and we need to have a baseline. We need to be used to the camera. We need to be comfortable in front of the camera and we have to be given good information and however long that takes it takes.

Thanks guys. Subscribe to the channel. Follow if you like this type I see them bumbling, but we’re not to the editing stage yet. So I’m believing it all in whether you like it or not. Leave me a comment if you’ve got suggestions, things you wanna me to talk about in the future, maybe I’ll film the next episode other day right now, I haven’t figured it out. Not worrying about it because my audience is small as it’s supposed to be because I’m just starting out and we’ll see how fast it grows. Hopefully you’re doing this with me. Go back and check out the first two episodes if you haven’t. But thanks for watching. I appreciate you. And I can’t wait to see where we go from here. See you.