Getting Started on Social Media | Ep 01 | Prime Branding

Getting Started on Social Media | Ep 01 | Prime Branding

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What’s up guys, it’s Mark from Prime Branding, and welcome to the first video on the channel. What’s more appropriate on a first video than I wanna talk to you about getting started?

I do a lot of videos and content creation for customers, and I’m always encouraging people to market in general, more specifically lately there’s been a lot of market on YouTube, market in Facebook video and I get a slew of responses. I get a slew of excuses and that’s exactly what they are, they’re just excuses. Most of them aren’t valid. They’re things we tell ourselves to prevent us from actually taking those first steps.

So I want to address a few of those in this video. And as this channel grows, I wanna do things in a way that, I’m gonna do my channel the way that I would promote to you to do your channel and the steps that you should take. And it’s gonna start off super simple. And as we increase in viewership and in exposure and content, we’ll also grow in terms of equipment.

So being there, the number one thing that I hear about is, “I don’t have time. Mark, I can’t do this. My busy days are just so busy, I don’t know what to do.” If that’s your excuse, that’s your excuse. I’m telling you, if you go through and you take note of what you’re doing in a day, you can squeeze out five minutes, 10 minutes to create a video. “Well, I, I, but I don’t have the editing software. I don’t have what I need to actually make it the way I want it to look.” Well, not off the get go, not off at the beginning, not when you start. I am doing this on my phone, most of us have a smartphone nowadays. I’m not gonna edit it, I’m not gonna stick a intro at the beginning, I’m not gonna stick an end card other than maybe what YouTube will let me throw on, but I’m not gonna do any fancy graphics to this, ’cause I wanna show you what you can do and that the message and just doing some kind of content is more important than all the flashy stuff later on.

The next thing that I hear all the time is, “I’m not comfortable in front of a camera.” Nobody is to start. It’s experience, it’s taking the time. The first videos are always gonna be rough. Maybe you don’t show the first videos to anybody, film them for yourself, put your camera on your desk and just turn it on while you’re working so it’s running and look at it and talk to it every now and then. And you never show anybody those right? Or they become cool outtakes for 10 years from now when you look back and you’re like, “Wow, I was so awkward on camera the first time. I stuttered for 15 minutes and I don’t do that now now I turn the camera on, take a pause to con… ” See I’m screwing up already and I’m leaving it in there. Take a second to gather my thoughts and get going. If you gotta write notes, write notes. If you can do it off the top of your head, do it off the top of your head, but just start doing something and you’ll get more comfortable as you go. Maybe by video five, you’ll have your rhythm down, maybe by video 10, maybe it takes a year, I don’t know what. If it’s not for you, personally, your personal brand, but it’s maybe for your business, then maybe find another employee that is more comfortable in front of the camera than you are and let them be the face of the business for awhile, let them be the spokesperson.

So we’ve touched on, I don’t have the time and I’m not comfortable, next excuse is, “I don’t have the equipment.” Well, I’m using my phone. Like I said, I touched on it real briefly. Most of us have an iPhone, an Android phone, a GoPro. And if you don’t, you know somebody that does, “Hey, can I borrow this?” You dump it into your computer. Editing software, like I said, all I’m gonna do on this is I’m gonna take it into my phone, it’s already in there. My phone has basic editing, I’m gonna cut off the beginning where it’s a little bit of dead air and I’m gonna cut off the very end of it if I happen to take too long to hit the stop button, and I’m done. I’m gonna upload, I’m gonna fill out descriptions, I’m gonna schedule, and that’s all this video is gonna get. And that’s all you need most of the time.

Going on from that, things that I hear all the time is, “Where am I gonna do it? I don’t have a studio space. I don’t have an area, everything’s dirty, everything’s cluttered.” I’m on my couch. I didn’t go anywhere fancy. I didn’t go find something that you know, I could have did this in a coffee house, I could have did this in my car, I could have did this at my desk, I looked around in my house and I went, “You know what? It’s pretty clear. I can be the focal of the video.” You can see the little cactus. There was a bamboo plant here, I got rid of that thing. Took me all of five minutes.

Is the audio the best on this video? Well, you tell me in the comments but, typically, a phone audio isn’t the greatest and maybe that’s gonna be one of the first things I’ll upgrade in this series of videos, is some kind of a shotgun mic or an external recorder, but we’ll get off to that, this is only about getting started. And if you don’t get started, you won’t get anything done, right? What’s the worst thing that happens if you do nothing? Nothing happens.

So those were the couple of quick tips. This is some suggestions. I really hope you guys take this, when you see it. Maybe you don’t see it right away, maybe, you know, you’ll find this in a year or two once I get going and putting out more content but I wanna take the journey with you. I wanna tell you exactly what I would do, how I do it. And I’m gonna show you the proof in the pudding right? As they say. I’m gonna do it with you as we grow.

So thanks for watching, subscribe to the channel, like this video, leave me a comment if you’ve got any questions or things that you wanna know. This channel’s gonna touch on traditional marketing, social media marketing, digital, little bit of everything. How to build websites, what to do for a business card, tips and tricks I’ve done for years to help move things along so that you can either do them yourself or have enough knowledge to hire the right professional to do it for you. So links are in the description for where you can find more about me and contact me, and thanks for watching, see ya.