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“Helping Businesses Leave Their Mark!”

Since 2001, Prime Branding has helped businesses promote themselves. By combining our experience in graphic design, photography, multimedia, and printing, with time proven strategies, has made us a favorite supplier of marketing products and ideas to our ever growing customer base.

From pet products to musicians, machine shops to paintball fields. We have designed, printed, photographed, and marketed for almost every industry at some point since we started our business.

By working closely with businesses throughout the Metro Detroit area, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties, we understand the needs of local Michigan businesses. We will use this knowledge to improve your relationship with existing clientele, and increase your volume of customers through various marketing strategies.

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Would you like your business to have a larger footprint in today’s online marketplace?
Prime Branding - Marketing Material
Could your current marketing materials be more eye catching to potential customers?
Prime Branding - Customer Retention
Would you like to learn how proper marketing can increase customer retention and profits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take the time to call Prime Branding and schedule a free, no obligation consultation. You may be surprised at what we can do for you.

How you market your company will have a greater impact on it’s success, than most people will ever realize.

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Proper marketing is a tool, it communicates your message when you can not, it is often a first impression, and it increases customer awareness while representing your products/services in a complimentary way. With an ever growing number of competitors, the way your business is represented is often the only distinguishing characteristic.

At Prime Branding we strive to separate you from your competition, by developing a concept that reflects the essence of your business. Then applying that concept throughout your marketing projects creating a unified look, solidifying your message.

Whether your needs are developing a new promotion, improving your current strategy or looking for fresh ideas, we can help guide you on your path to success by utilizing experience, creativity and the latest techniques and software available.

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